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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I am new to the site, where do I start?

Relax - you're on the MyFlorida.com portal, the rest is easy. You have two great choices:

1.       Browse - Much like browsing at your favorite bookstore, this is the best way to find new and interesting topics, especially if you aren't quite sure what to look for. Simply click on Visitor, Floridian, Business or Government to browse pre-configured categories containing 1000's of the state's best links.

2.       Search - If you know generally what you need, the search engine is probably your best choice.
Enter a keyword or phase in the search box located on each portal page then click on GO to search more than 100,000 pages of Florida content on more than 40 Web sites across the state.

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How do I get back?

MyFlorida.com is all about Florida and Florida government. It gives you direct access to content on Web sites statewide. You have many different ways to get around and, just as important, many ways to get back.

1.       Bookmark MyFlorida.com - First, Bookmark the MyFlorida.com Home Page. This bookmark will always return you to the portal, no matter where you are in the world wide web.
To set the bookmark, start from the MyFlorida.com Home Page.

If Internet Explorer is your web browser:

Move the mouse cursor to Favorites at the top of the browser window; click on Add to Favorites to set the bookmark.

If Netscape is your web browser:

Move the mouse cursor to Bookmarks to the top of the browser window; click on Add Bookmark to set the bookmark.

2.       MyFlorida.com Logo - Another direct shortcut to the Home Page is to click on the MyFlorida.com logo found in the top left corner of most pages.

3.       Back Button - What if you only want to go back one page (rather than to the Home Page)? Just use your browser's Back button to return to the previous page. (Note that in some cases this function may be disabled in your browser settings.)

4.       Breadcrumbs - Many portal pages also have a feature known as Breadcrumbs . These are active links separated by the symbol > .
Breadcrumbs link back to specific levels of information (for example, the beginning of a sub-topic or higher-level topic area). Click on a breadcrumb and back you go.

5.       General Navigation Site-wide navigation is also available via the top and left side bars located on most pages throughout MyFlorida.com.

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